Hardman “Double Bubble” Epoxy – Orange


Extra sachet Hardman “Double Bubble” Epoxy – Orange

  • amount: 1 pc
  • Cure time: handling strength after 18hrs

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Product Description

Extra sachet Hardman “Double Bubble” Epoxy – Orange #04007

  • amount: 1 pc
  • Cure time:
    • working time: 3 hrs
    • handling strength: 18 hrs
    • fully cured after: 24 hrs
  • color: Grey
  • 3.5g packet


It is semi-rigid and resistant to impact, vibrations, and shock. It also has high peel and shear strength.

If you want to re-mount your Quiverkillers or need to repair large pieces of Base material, this High Peel Strength epoxy will save your day!

2 sachets should be plenty enough for 1 set of bindings.


Product Data Sheet: PDS-04007