measureRUDEskis was founded on the basis that at the time, all skis that were produced were generic products. Developed for the anonymous mass, they were like department store suits. Cheap and functional, but still, not the tailored suits successful professional businessmen wear that fit their bodies perfectly. Why couldn’t skis be made in a similar way, to make sure that everybody has a ski that suits their own skiing style and level.

Everything in the RUDEskis workshop is aimed at individual customization to ensure that every need and wish of the client can be fulfilled. This makes that all RUDEskis are unique.

When buying a pair of tailor-made RUDEskis, you do not only get a pair of handmade skis that are truly one of a kind, you also become part of the RUDEskis community. This means that RUDEskis is not only involved in the design and fabrication of your skis, we also like to stay in touch after delivery to provide support and service or just to find out how the skis are performing.

Yes, you could buy skis designed by an anonymous employee of an anonymous corporation belonging to an anonymous investment firm and enjoy yourself. But for those people that would like the fun to start before the first snow hits the mountains, that like to have something that is truly unique and fits like a glove and for those who like to be treated as an individual person; RUDEskis offers just that.